Presented by: Brian Ringley and Andrew Heumann

What’s wrong with software in AEC? Contemporary solutions for the industry have fallen short, leaving design leadership scrambling to hire workflow experts and design computation specialists to code and hack the gaps that exist between and within our preferred design and documentation platforms.

Despite the current shortcomings, the future potential of AEC software is enormous.

This talk will explore several possible futures for architecture software, each with different implications for the industry. We’ll look at contrasting scenarios: from cloud-based solutions that allow for a pan-software bazaar of interconnected “apps” and platforms, to the mythical, all-encompassing “monoplatform” that satisfies every conceivable user requirement and homogenizes architectural production. Extrapolating from existing and emerging practices of software and tool design, we’ll propose some requirements that future technology platforms in AEC will need to take into account, from robust support for automation, to modular architectures enabling diverse modes of engagement. Finally, we’ll discuss how these impending platform transformations will impact the role of individual designers and the structure of organizations operating in the AEC industry.

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