Presented by James Coleman, A. Zahner Company

AEC design software has revolutionized representation, analysis, and coordination- but bottlenecks still exist in the translation of design information into machine instructions.

Today more is possible by an individual working in the AEC industry than ever before. A small team managing 10,000’s or even 100,000’s of elements has become standard practice, but even the most sophisticated modeling process grinds to a halt at the point of manufacture. These bottlenecks contribute to making custom fabrication laborious and expensive, thus threatening design intent and project delivery.

Why isn’t it possible to create machine programming instructions with the same fluidity as we generate architectural geometry? This talk explores the ecosystem of production grade CNC machines and the problems associated with using technology built for high volume and low variation.

Highlighting two recent A. Zahner Company projects, we’ll describe how we addressed this bottleneck during the production of 100,000’s of unique parts. These case studies and project specific software tools demonstrate the importance of overcoming production gaps and illustrate the possibilities of an unencumbered design to fabrication workflow.


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