Presented by Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio

The last few decades of hardware and software development were all about humans becoming more machine—teaching us to point, click and give other forms of discreet input in order to yield results. In CAD, a user clicks an icon, clicks three points, and receives a spline.  Descriptive language and nuance are not useful here.

However, great advances in machine learning have burst on to the scene and are finally finding their way into our every day tools and workflow.   In a paradigmatic shift, the machine is learning to be more human, accepting increasingly “fuzzy” inputs and yielding dynamic results.  Not only is this the tech that will ultimately deliver the autonomous car, it is finding its way into the design sector in equally powerful and transformative ways.  From the front lines of this trend, Morpholio, a software company that puts architects and designers first, will report on just how AI and AR are poised to transform the way we design, experience, iterate, and build the world around us.

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