Below are the GitHub Repos for all the presented projects from the 2019 AEC Tech Seattle Hackathon. If you spot any errors, please let us know!

Best Overall Hack

“Grasshopper Machine Control”

James Coleman, A.Zahner Company
Nadya Peek, UW HCDE
Calvin Zhong, WeWork
Brian Gillespie, Robert McNeel & Associates
Junichiro Horikawa
Tim Logan, HKS
Andy Tatkowski, Thornton Tomasetti

Best Open Source

GitHub 1 / GitHub 2
“It’s a great time to take a Stroll… Research suggests that taking a walk, or a Stroll, can boost cognitive thought processes leading to better or alternative solutions that wouldn’t otherwise have happened when sitting in front of a computer or in a meeting room. Our app will help map out a Stroll for you or your team based on given time duration and path to include nature, daylight/shade, water, art, etc… Use Stroll to boost the creative potential of your next meeting.”

Nate Holland, NBBJ
Petr Mitev, NBBJ
Brandon Yu, Galvanize
Adam Chernick, SHoP Architects
Jason Wheeler, CallisonRTKL

Best Collaboration

“Model health prediction.”

Alberto Tono, HOK
Eric Schoettle
Noah Kelly, HMC Architects
Ren Eto, WeWork
Steven Hansen, NBBJ
Yushi Kato, WeWork

Future City Vision
“Allowing the community to envision how the city may change and grow.”

Gavin Argo, Olson Kundig
Ana Brainard, Olson Kundig
Joel Hills, CPL Inc.
Charlie Portelli, CORE studio
Ethan Davis, Mithun
Nicole Myers, Honolulu Aerial
Alexis Nichol, Olson Kundig

Layout Hawk
“A panel of tools to simplify & enhance the management of layouts in Rhino 3D.”

Mary Fugier, Robert McNeel & Associates
Dale Fugier, Robert McNeel & Associates
Daniel Depoe, Katerra
James Munns, Structurecraft

“Projecting interpretable and recognizable damage levels, the result of forces, blast, or push over data, onto the modeled object for client/team visualization/communication.”

Michael Roberts, HDR
Corbin Robeck, Thornton Tomasetti
Paul Tominna, Thornton Tomasetti
Imran Peerbhai, Thinkpredict
Steven Blevins, Cuhaci & Peterson
Jackson Pitofsky, Thornton Tomasetti
Will Pearson, Robert McNeel & Associates