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REGISTER NOW for the AEC Technology Hackathon! This weekend-long event is organized for programmers, web developers, and AEC experts to collaborate on novel ideas and processes for the AEC industry. There is a great need for the building industry to start developing their own solutions and here is the chance to get started! Hackers will have a day and a half to brainstorm concepts, develop projects, and present results to a panel of industry experts. An impressive collection of Hackathon Leaders will be present to offer guidance and support for hackers throughout the competition.

Hackers are encouraged to take on one or both of two Challenges:

Challenge One: Web-based applications that enhance design and collaboration processes for the AEC industry

Challenge Two: Tools and processes that promote data-driven building design

We’ve established a network of participants and resources for hackers to network and collaborate before the event on Hacker League. Please find below a few common questions and answers about the event. We hope you can make it!

Where and when is the AEC Technology Hackathon?

The AEC Technology Hackathon will take place at The Cooper Union, 41 Cooper Square, New York. The event will kick off at 9am on Saturday, May 17, and run through the night. Prizes will be awarded to the top projects for each challenge at 2pm on Sunday May 18.

Doesn’t ‘hackathon’ mean coding? What if I don’t code?

It is true that hackathons are mainly designed for people who know how to code, but you don’t need to be a coder to attend the AEC Technology Hackathon. Whatever your skill, if you have an idea that you would like to develop, you are welcome to participate. We are confident that with the help of Hackathon participants and Leaders, you will find a valuable way to contribute to the event.
Still unsure? Check out the list of Leaders and their qualifications here. Their expertise in OpenStudio, web-based graphics, mobile app development, and plugin development for Revit, SketchUp, Dynamo, and Grasshopper, is sure to be a valuable asset for any AEC undertaking.

What type of projects will people work on during the Hackathon?

We hope to encourage a diverse range of projects geared towards the two Hackathon Challenges. A list of current projects that Hackers have initiated is available here. If you don’t see a project that you would like to join, or if you would like to pursue an alternative approach, now is the time to start your own project and get others involved!

How and when should I team up with other people?

The sooner the better. Let other Hackers know you have a project you would like to pursue, share resources, and brainstorm solutions starting now! The list of current projects is available here and collection of resources is available here.

I have a project that I’m already working on. Can I bring it to the Hackathon?

Yes! All projects are welcome as long as they are related to the AEC industry. However, awards judgement will be based on what you add to your project during the Hakcathon. If you already have a project underway, please submit your ideas ahead of time on the projects page. Your work may inspire others – we encourage you to team up to develop solutions together!

Do I have to attend both days?

Participation during both days is certainly not required. We understand and respect that you may have obligations and/or responsibilities that may require you to leave early. We encourage everyone to partake in the event to the best of their abilities. With this in mind, please  inform your team(s) of any schedule limitations at the start of the Hackathon.

What do I need to bring?

You will need your own laptop (or tablet), power supply, and if desired, writing/sketching materials. We will provide meals and BEER!

Who will own the project I produce?

You will own your work. We encourage the open-sourcing of projects and very much would like to exhibit results after the event. That said, it’s your call.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! The top projects for each challenge will receive awards donated by our generous sponsors.

Where can I find more information about participants, projects, and resources?

Check out AEC Technology Hackathon 2014 on Hacker League. We’ve established a network of participants and resources for you to network and collaborate before the event.


Many thanks to our generous sponsors and collaborators!