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Data Driven Design Session I

Robert Otani CORE studio Thornton Tomasetti
Opening Remarks

Daniel Segraves / Mostapha Roudsari CORE studio Thornton Tomasetti
Data in Design: Pitfalls and Opportunities: 12m41s

Jeffrey Vaglio Enclos
Concept to Reality: Leveraging a Parametric Model for Constructability: 30m46s

Nicholas Scalco SOM
Implicit Knowledge to Explicit Action: Data Mining for Organizational Awareness: 46m53s

KEYNOTE: Shane Burger Woods Bagot
Sketch, Prototype, Experience: 1h2m42s


Data Driven Design Session II

Daniel Davis CASE
Later Data

Randy Deutsch University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
AEC’s Big Data Problem: 12m59s

Andrew Heumann NBBJ
Computation for Collaboration: 29m13s

Zach Flanders BNIM
Crowdsourced Cities: Four Transformative Technology Trends that are Revolutionizing the Way our Cities are Planned and Developed: 45m48s


Lightning Talks


Big Data in AEC

Erick Thorson Varick Media Management
Billions and Billions: Big Data and Targeted Advertising: 1m2s

Gregor Vilkner Energy Metrics
EM.CORE – Calling the Bluff on Building Performance: 20m20s

David Eisenberg Floored
Real-Time Visualization in Architecture & Real Estate: 28m44s


Cloud Based Design

Benjamin Howes / Jonatan Schumacher CORE studio Thornton Tomasetti
Collaborative Platforms

Jordan Brandt Autodesk
How do we teach our machines to design?: 20m42s

Nicholas Long National Renewable Energy Laboratory
OpenStudio: A Cross-Platform Collection of Software Tools to Support Whole Building Energy Modeling: 32m0s

KEYNOTE: Deepak Aatresh Aditazz
Disrupting a Trillion Dollar Industry with Computation: An Entrepreneur’s View: 45m59s