Alex works to develop, build, and test the OpenStudio energy simulation suite, the Building Component Library, Image Processing Occupancy Sensor, RSF Energy Dashboard, NREL Energy Story visualization, Green Button data integration, as well as a large number of web interfaces, dashboards, databases, and distributed simulations to support energy analysis for commercial buildings. Alex compiles and tests cross-platform iteration and release builds of OpenStudio, develops & improves functionality, resolves bugs, and maintains the continuous integration dashboard. He is also the recipient of a R&D 100 Award.

SKILLS & TOPICS: My experience with OpenStudio involves user interface development, native multi-platform development and testing, Building Component Library integration (with components & measures), Parametric Analysis via Amazon EC2 cloud computing, embedded web frames for rapid HTML5 development, and computational geometry. I am interested in exploring OpenStudio integration with Green Button data, EPA Portfolio Manager, 3D model visualization (or even manipulation) within OpenStudio, and in developing innovative reporting measures (e.g. psychrometric analysis).

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