Below is a sample of CORE studio’s media appearances and publications. For additional media inquiries, please contact us.

Structures and Architecture: Beyond their Limits
Paulo J. da Sousa Cruz
CORE studio’s, Design Explorer, is mentioned in this book.

Energy Accounts: Architectural Representations of Energy, Climate, and the Future
Dan Willis, William W. Braham, Katsuhiko Muramoto, Daniel A. Barber
CORE studio’s, Design Explorer, is mentioned in this book.

The skyscraper of the year is trapezoidal: Structural focus on West 57th Street BIG
Fabrizio Aimar, Ingegneri
Robert Otani of CORE studio, made contributions to the article regarding the VIA W57th St. Project.
Spectacles Model

Autodesk gives Architosh exclusive peak at Dynamo Studio running on Mac
Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA, LEED AP, Architosh
Thornton Tomasetti is mentioned for writing a plugin for SAP 2000 to Dynamo.

Inflection Point: Disruptions, Platforms and Growth with Rhino + Grasshopper
Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA, LEED AP, Architosh
Thornton Tomasetti is mentioned as one of the most avant garde AE firms globally that utilize an advanced computation group.

3 things to consider for computation in the business of design
Nathan Miller, Building Design + Construction, May 2016
Thornton Tomasetti is shown as an example of a firm which has positioned computational design as central to its business.

dFab Net 2016 Summit
Digital Fabrication Network (dFab Net) Association, March 2016
CORE studio is sponsoring 2016’s dFab Net Summit. Robert Otani, Justin Nardone, Jonatan Schumacher, and Daniel Segraves will be joining the event in San Francisco.

ENR New York Announces 2016 Top 20 Under 40 Class
Editor, ENR New York, December 2015
CORE studio director Jonatan Schumacher was selected for ENR’s top 20 under 40 for 2016. Further details will be revealed in the February 2016 print edition of ENR New York.

Solving the Data Conundrum with Better Tools to Capture, Share, and Analyze Information
John Caulfield, Building Design + Construction, November 2015
Presents highlights from our recent AEC Technology Symposium. “At a recent Thornton Tomasetti symposium, experts showed how designs and projects can be improved by granular information that’s accessible to more users.”

Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Awards Jury
Architect’s Newspaper, November 2015
Ana Garcia Puyol of CORE studio will serve on this year’s Best of Design Awards jury, following last year’s winning entry with her GSD team.

The Underrated Success of the Stevens Institute of Technology
Daniel Davis, Architect Magazine, October 2015
CORE studio is provided as an example of how tech-savvy Stevens Product-Architecture Laboratory graduates are thriving in the building industry.

AEC Technology Symposium 2015, October 2015
Short summaries of the presentations at our most recent AEC Technology Symposium event by BUILTR.

Rebar modelling in Revit with Dynamo – use case by ABT
BIM Toolbox, October 2015
A use case featuring extreme rebar design using Dynamo and CORE studio app Dynamo for Rebar.

Data-Driven Design and Construction: 25 Strategies for Capturing, Analyzing and Applying Building Data
Randy Deutsch, Wiley Publishing, October 2015
“In this comprehensive book, Professor Randy Deutsch has unlocked and laid bare the twenty-first century codice nascosto of architecture. It is data. Big data. Data as driver. . .This book offers us the chance to become informed and knowledgeable pursuers of data and the opportunities it offers to making architecture a wonderful, useful, and smart art form.” Features Jonatan Schumacher of CORE studio.

What Will Be This Year’s vA3C?
Amir Roth,, September 2015
The Department of Energy discusses innovation at our annual AEC Technology Symposium and Hackathon. Article discusses CORE projects Spectacles and DesignExplorer, which were both built on the vA3C project from last year’s hackathon.

Geometrid at the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures 2015 Pavilion Expo: Amsterdam Netherlands” (pdf)
Thornton Tomasetti and CORE studio authors Eoin Lernihan, Justin Nardone, Matthew Naugle, Robert Otani, Dan Reynolds, Daniel Segraves with Mia Tsiamis of TU Delft, IASS, August 2015
Original contribution for IASS 2015. Details the Geometrid sculpture built by the Thornton Tomasetti and TU Delft team.

Mass Customization of Reciprocal Frame Structures” (pdf)
CORE studio author Ana Garcia Puyol, IASS, August 2015
Original contribution for IASS 2015. Discusses digital optimization and robotic manufacturing of reciprocal frame structures.

Potentials of Branching Algorithms for the Generation of Spaceframes in the Context of High-Rise Perimeter Structures” (pdf)
CORE studio author Maximilian Thumfart with Samar Malek, Kavin Horayangkura, and Moritz Fleischmann, IASS, August 2015
Original contribution for IASS 2015. Discusses a newly developed computer-assisted design strategy for a high rise structure based on branching.

Performance Measures from Architectural Massing Using Machine Learning” (pdf)
CORE studio authors Dan Reynolds and Robert Otani with Katy Ghantous, PhD, IASS, August 2015
Original contribution for IASS 2015. Demonstrates the feasibility of using machine learning techniques in the built environment to provide quick feedback in the design process.

Implementing Geospatial Data in Parametric Environment” (pdf)
CORE studio author Elçin Ertuğrul, IASS, August 2015
Original contribution for IASS 2015. Demonstrates the benefits of incorporating geographic data into parametric modeling environments to help architects and planners leverage spatial data in an immersive way.

“Remote Solving: A Methodological Shift in Collaborative Building Design and Analysis” (paper publication)
CORE studio authors Mostapha Roudsari and Matthew Naugle, simAUD, April 2015
Original contribution for SimAUD 2015. Discussed Remote Solving as a framework, and uses work done for JAHN as example of remote solving in practice.

A New Approach to Modeling Frit Patterns for Daylight Simulation” (paper publication)
CORE studio authors Mostapha Roudsari and Anne Waelkens, simAUD, April 2015
Original contribution for SimAUD 2015. Discussed frit pattern modeling for the Culture Shed project at Hudson Yards.

Learn and Earn CES LU Credits at Facades+ Los Angeles
Anna Miller, Architects Newspaper, January 2015
Promotion for Facades+ workshops in Los Angeles. Features Matthew Naugle, Daniel Segraves, and Mostapha Roudsari of CORE studio.

Optimism fuels FutureTech, collaborative momentum grows
Rob McManamy, BuiltWorld blog, December 2014
A summary of the ENR Future Tech Conference, featuring a talk given by CORE studio’s Matthew Naugle on live BIM coordination among designers.

A Methodological Shift in Building Design through Development of Collaborative Design Platforms
CORE studio authors Jonatan Schumacher and Matthew Naugle, The International Journal of High-Rise Buildings (IJHRB), December 2014
A discussion of collaboration, using TTX and Remote Solving as examples of implementation.

AEC firms leverage custom scripts to bridge the ‘BIM language gap
David Barista, Building Design + Construction, November 2014
Without a common language linking BIM/VDC software platforms, firms seek out interoperability solutions to assist with the data transfer between design tools.” Discusses TTX and features Benjamin Howes, Jonatan Schumacher, and Robert Otani of CORE studio.

Sculptural Skins
Josephine Minutillo, Architectural Record, September 2014
Discusses CORE’s involvement on the Basrah Stadium modeling and fabrication process. Features Jonatan Schumacher.

…Just a Hint at What’s Possible
George Little, FxFowle blog, September 2014
Discusses collaboration through Grasshopper, Platypus, and multiple designers. Features Benjamin Howes of CORE studio.

AEC Giants enhance BIM/VDC advanced collaboration tools
David Barista, Building Design + Construction, July 2014
Discusses remote solving presentation at BIMForum Boston. Features Matthew Naugle and Benjamin Howes of CORE studio.

Soccer Stadium’s Design Inspired by Iraqi Culture
Jenny Jones, ASCE Magazine, January 2014
“Engineers use computer modeling to achieve the distinct facade of the new 65,000-seat soccer stadium in Basra, Iraq.” Features Jonatan Schumacher of CORE studio.