DynamoSAP is a parametric interface for SAP2000, built on top of DynamoBIM. The project enables designers and engineers to generativity author and analyze structural systems in SAP, using Dynamo to drive the SAP model. The projects prescribes a few common workflows which are described in the included sample files, and provides a wide range of opportunities for automation of typical tasks in SAP.

Core studio Services : Interoperability, Research and Development
Thornton Tomasetti Practices: Structural Engineering

Download: DynamoBIM and latest DynamoSAP package is available in Dynamo’s package manager
For issues and suggestions, please visit Github repository of DynamoSAP

Sample files: Sample files come with the package.

From Dynamo to SAP2000
From SAP to Dynamo
Real-time Updates from Dynamo to SAP2000