Energy Analysis for Dynamo is open source and ready for action!

We are very happy to announce the open beta release of Energy Analysis for Dynamo, available today in the Dynamo Package Manager, and on Github.  Energy Analysis for Dynamo allows for parametric energy modeling and whole-building energy analysis workflows in Dynamo 0.7. The package also allows the user to configure the energy model from Autodesk Vasari and Autodesk Revit, submit to Green Building Studio for DOE2 energy analysis and dig into the results returned from the analysis.

We have been steadily improving the stability and performance of the tools over the past few weeks since our initial announcement and alpha release, and would like to thank everyone who participated in the alpha for their valuable feedback.  Elcin and Mostapha gave a workshop to David Benjamin’s design studio at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and we were able to incorporate a few changes that were requested at that workshop into today’s beta release.


Elcin Ertugrul walking through the ins and outs of Energy Analysis for Dynamo. 

There are a number of events coming up in October that will feature Energy Analysis for Dynamo:  Ian Keough, Colin McCrone and Nathan Miller will use this package in their Acadia workshop this week, CORE developer Mostapha Roudsari will present the tools at the Greenbuild expo this week, and Colin McCrone and Mohammed Asl will use the tools in a Facades Plus workshop on Halloween.  We are very excited to see what will come out of these events, and are hopeful that we can integrate some of the feedback into the ongoing development of the tools.

Finally, a few links, details and instructions for those of you who want to get rolling with the tools.  The nodes are available in Dynamo’s package manager, using a recent daily build of Dynamo.  We expect an official release with this functionality by the end of October, but in the meantime you can use a daily build to use the tools.  To install the package, search for the name in the Dynamo package manager – Dynamo > Packages > Search for a package > ‘Energy Analysis for Dynamo’ – and install the package.  Once the package is installed, you’ll likely want to check out our sample files in the package’s ‘extra’ folder, and watch our first round of tutorial videos (1,2).  We should also note that some analytical information (constructions, schedules, etc.) can only be analyzed using Dynamo on top of Vasari. The source code is available on Github under an Apache v2 license – it is open for anyone to use and modify.

If you have any comments, requests, wishes, about the project (or if you think you’ve found a bug), please let us know on the project’s github repository’s issues page.  We will be progressing the project in beta mode into the new year, and are very keen to develop more functionality for the Dynamo community over the coming months.  Happy energy modelling, folks!