The Google Bay View project consists of three large buildings enclosed in catenary-like roof structures. These structures, composed of steel tube nets, are clad with steel decking and solar panels. Their geometries are varied and complex, their structural and fabrication requirements tight – and they changed often throughout the design process. CORE modeling generated and modified all the analysis models for the steel canopy using parametric modeling techniques and sophisticated interoperability tools such as Konstru. This framework allowed for iterative optimization of the form to reduce deflection while maintaining drainage and architectural intent. We also developed numerous custom analyses to aid in steel detailing and further refinement of the form.

Services: Analysis Modeling, Structural Rationalization, Structural Optimization
Location: Mountain View, CA
Practice: Structural Engineering
Client: Google
Architect: BIG, Heatherwick Studio, Adamson Associates Architects
Fabricators: Schuff Steel, Whiting-Turner

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