Hyperarc is a site-specific hanging sculpture designed by Benjamin Howes for Pratt Shows: Design 2017. CORE studio provided geometric rationalization, form-finding, and structural engineering services throughout the design and installation process. The sculpture is composed of 2,356 unique hand-painted, laser-cut watercolor paper components, three CNC-milled plywood edge rings, and a stainless steel wire rope rigging harness. The watercolor paper components are attached to each other with 6,958 nylon snaps. Hyperarc was designed, fabricated and installed in spring 2017, and was on display at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, for three weeks before being recycled.

Services: Parametric Modeling, Geometric Rationalization, Structural Engineering
Location: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Practice: Specialty Structures
Client: Pratt Institute School of Design
Designer: Benjamin Howes
Fabricators: Emily Edson, Julie Kim, Katie Johnson, Youngchan Ahn, Nicholas Mundell

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