Jennifer Downey serves as National BIM Manager for Turner Construction Company’s Integrated Building Solutions Department. As National BIM Manager, Jennifer works directly with the network of Regional BIM Managers to implement BIM across the over $6 billion of annual BIM project WIP volume. This includes developing and improving standards, conducting in-house national instructor led training, and working with new and emerging technologies for the advancement of BIM to benefit Turner’s projects. Additionally, Jennifer also works with the Regional Lean Managers to implement and adopt lean construction principles and practices across the company.

Jennifer joined Turner 6 years ago, having served previously as Turner’s Manager of Support Services with a focus on business unit and project support through a wide variety of virtual design and construction (VDC) deliverables. Jennifer has a particular interest in advancing the Construction Industry in the field of model based analysis through efforts in code-checking and safety-checking. Additionally, she has led Turner’s efforts to implement BIM through the entire project lifecycle, from planning and design through facilities management, leveraging Turner’s expertise throughout the process. She is also a Revit training specialist, training both Turner engineers and design professionals.

Jennifer comes from an architectural background of practice in Virginia and New York. She holds her architectural license in the State of New York, and is a LEED AP with a Building Design & Construction specialty.


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