Jonatan Schumacher won a firmwide competition to design a sculpture for the new San Francisco office, illustrating the themes of innovation, collaboration and education. Selected from among 13 submissions, Schumacher’s winning kinetic design was inspired by the work of artist Willem van Weeghel. It consists of two rows of rotating bars that display truss-like structural configurations in their movement. Sensors in the sculpture detect when people are under it, which disrupts the beams synchronized movement of the beams and creates a chaotic effect in that location. As the viewer walks away, the sculpture ‘fades back’ to its harmonic movement.

For 3 months, the members of the ACM team were hard at work, designing the kinetic sculpture, prefabricating the individual elements, and programming arduino boards that drive the 48 servo’s utilized in this permanent installation.

more information on the design, fabrication and installation processes will follow soon…

For now, check out the interactive app that Daniel Segraves created to test out the various programs that drive the motors:
(use your mouse to rotate the view, and your arrow keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) to change the position of the camera)