BENNEMr. Benne became a full-time employee at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in September 2007. He is a primary developer of the OpenStudio project, focusing on software architecture as well as HVAC system modeling. He is currently extending OpenStudio to support the California Building Energy Code Compliance (CBECC) Software, a computerized version of the Title 24 standard. He is also a member of the EnergyPlus development team, where he is helping to modernize the software development process using some of the approaches of the OpenStudio project.

SKILLS & TOPICS: Kyle’s experience with OpenStudio goes deep into detailed HVAC systems as well as user interface development. He is well versed in the OS data model and API. He is interested in topics that aim to improve the quality and speed of model generation. This includes novel UI concepts as well as alternative platforms and software frameworks to deliver such interfaces. Although the OpenStudio Application (a desktop application) is developed on the Qt library, Kyle is interested in exploring possibilities using HTML5 and the recently added V8 Javascript bindings for OpenStudio.

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