CORE studio assisted a structural engineering team in our Newark office with the development of a long-span, doubly curving roof truss project. The truss system, composed of over 60,000 structural steel members, demanded a parametric approach to allow for a rapid design iteration/analysis feedback loop. CORE studio members were embedded in the engineering team for the entire design and documentation process and were able to develop and apply novel computational solutions, as well as provide a comprehensive, project-specific BIM/analysis workflow.

In order to evaluate many design iterations, CORE studio developed a workflow that allowed the engineering team to parametrically create the structural analysis model from Grasshopper, while automatically generating unique ID’s for all framing members. After every analysis, a clash detection was run between the deflected analysis model under self-weight, and the architect’s boundary surface. Finally, we developed a DWG export tool for Grasshopper, as well as view drawing production tools for Revit, which would automatically create all necessary views to describe the structure, and create a complete drawing set in Revit.

CORE studio Services: Parametric Modeling
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