lfraguadaLuis E. Fraguada investigates critical issues in architecture, design, and interaction through various modes, including associative design, programming, and prototyping.  Luis applies research in professional practice as Research Director of Built by Associative Data, an architecture studio with built projects in Beirut and ongoing projects internationally.  In 2015, Luis joined the McNeel Euro / Asuni team to develop Rhino3d plugins in emerging sectors.  Since 2008, Luis has taught computational design at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Masters of Advanced Architecture program and is currently director of the Master of Advanced Interaction program.  Luis, along with Elizabeth Bigger, have won the Jury Prize in the 17th and 20th International Symposium on Wearable Computers for their work on the Lüme Collection, a line of garments that can be controlled via a smartphone application and Programmable Plaid, a fibre optics infused textile.  Luis is the Chief Technical Officer for Robots in Gastronomy, a group focusing on the application of digital tools and robotics in gastronomy. Luis has created the Food Form 3D, a 3D additive manufacturing platform for professional kitchens.  Luis is the author of ‘Visual Programming in Rhino3d with Grasshopper’ a video tutorial series for O’Reilly Media.

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