Explore CORE Studio’s latest contribution to DynamoRevit. We added a lot of new nodes which are partly already released with Dynamo 1.2 and will fully be available with the next Dynamo release. There are a lot of new nodes for creating and manipulating annotations, accessing element properties, manipulating existing locations and entirely new features like creating family types from dynamo geometries or creating global parameters. We added a list containing all new nodes below:


  • Draw and query detail curves by dynamo curves
  • Create dimensions by elements or manipulate dimension properties
  • Make filled regions by outline and access filled region types
  • Place revision clouds by outline curves like polygons
  • Tag any element in Revit directly through Dynamo
  • Place text notes in views, access their properties and text note types

Tag Walls and place Dimensions in Dynamo






Create Wall by Face in Dynamo




Create new Family types from Dynamo geometry




Performance Adviser

UI Nodes

Written by: Max Thumfart

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