Nicholas Long is a Senior Engineer in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Commercial Buildings Group in Golden, CO. Nicholas is the technical lead and developer for various web-based building energy analysis tools including OpenStudio’s Distributed Analysis, the Building Component Library, and Building Agent. He is currently enabling large-scale analysis to quickly evaluate design alternatives using OpenStudio and the impact across various building types and climate zones.

SKILLS & TOPICS: Nicholas’ skills cut across several languages and focuses on integrating various technologies to quickly enable workflows. His expertise is balanced between analysis of empirical data and modeled data. He spends a lot of time with OpenStudio’s Ruby bindings to create building models for large-scale analyses. He also spends time extending provisioning scripts via Chef to stand up servers with pre-installed OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, Radiance, (J)Ruby on Rails, R, and MongoDB stacks. He is interested in web-based workflows that enable OpenStudio for practitioners to make better decisions using enhanced visualizations while ensuring accurate models and robust analysis.

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