Whether it’s inventing a new kind of building damping and vibration mitigation system, exploring the application of performance based design principles to wind engineering or calculating the embodied carbon in the structures we design, Thornton Tomasetti staff has been busy with several R&D projects this year. Our R&D approach nurtures innovation across the firm and cultivates collaboration with clients and other partners in the AEC industry, including government research organizations, academia as well as others. We seek ideas from our people – in all locations, roles and levels of experience – and help promising projects get off the ground and flourish.

VRX – Virtual Reality Exchange Platform
Remote Solving
Generative Structure Tools
Design Explorer
Energy Analysis For Dynamo
Second Colibri Release
Colibri Release
Design Explorer – Use Cases
Design Explorer – Announcement
FootPrint: An App for Mapping Sustainability Data
Dynamo for Rebar is now available!

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