EwartWith experience in both architectural design and software development, Scott helps build tools that let architects be more productive. Prior to joining Aditazz, Scott worked for a computational design start-up, an education-focused architecture firm, and the largest real estate development consultancy in the country. He also spent a year traveling to the hottest, coldest, and wettest places in the world to study history of habitation in extreme climates as a Thomas J. Watson fellow. He received a M.Arch from UC Berkeley and a BA from Oberlin College.

SKILLS & TOPICS: Scott is passionate about any and all ways that computers can amplify creativity and reduce drudgery in the design process. As a developer at Aditazz he builds tools that help designers turn sketch ideas into complete building models using a combination of design generation and optimization techniques. He also is excited about real-time design collaboration and has worked extensively with WebGL for browser-based 3d visualizations.

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