The CORE studio team just finished installing a kinetic sculpture in Thornton Tomasetti’s San Francisco office. Over the last few months, we have been prototyping, fabricating and testing the sculpture in our New York office and last week we shipped it all to California for the install.

We built a ¼ scale functional prototype in New York for testing the electronics, motors, sensors and wireless communication. Several CORE team members pitched in to help preassemble as much of it as possible! All of the kinetic assemblies were designed, engineered and fabricated in-house. We pushed our little MakerBot 3D printer to the max as it cranked out over 350 custom parts.

Anne Waelkens and Elcin Ertugrul assembling the ¼ scale mockup in NY.

Elcin Ertugrul (left) and Anne Waelkens assembling the ¼ scale mockup in NY.

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