tom-2x2photoThomas Z. Scarangello, P.E.
Chairman and CEO

Tom Scarangello leads the strategic direction and oversight of the firm while also being highly engaged with clients, projects and staff development. He has more than 35 years of experience in the structural engineering of a wide variety of building types, from long-span sports and entertainment arenas and stadiums to high-rise commercial and mixed-use buildings.

Embracing New Technologies and Techniques
Tom has also led Thornton Tomasetti into the forefront of project delivery services and engineering technologies for building analysis, design and construction. When he became chairman in 2008, he oversaw the development of the firm’s strategic plan for growth and innovation in areas such as building information modeling and integrated project delivery.

Leading with Passion
A spirit of mentorship – both professionally and personally – lies at the core of Tom’s role as CEO and chairman, from providing inspiration to bright, young engineers, to challenging the leadership team to push the boundaries to better serve our clients and the industry. He tells young engineers and his colleagues that it’s hard to lose passion for what you truly love doing.

Outside of Work
Tom was elected chairman of the New York Building Congress, 2014-2016. He is active in numerous philanthropies and serves as a trustee of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Tom loves spending time with family and close friends and following “his” Yankees. He also enjoys running and bicycling. In 1979 he landed a job with Thornton Tomasetti (then Lev Zetlin Associates) a week before he was scheduled to begin a cross-country bicycling tour. He took the job instead.


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