CORE studio has released an updated version of TT Toolbox, our suite of free and open source plugins for Grasshopper on Food4Rhino.

The main attraction in this release is a new plugin called Colibri. Colibri makes it super easy to turn your Grasshopper definition into a Design Explorer – compatible design space. We wrote a dedicated blog post about it last week if you’d like to learn more.

Besides adding Colibri, version 1.8 of TT Toolbox includes:

  • Extended support for Platypus until 2018.
  • Added colored mesh support to the Spectacles
  • Minor stability enhancements to the Excel writer.
  • A few other minor bug fixes.

Head on over to Food4Rhino and get it while it’s hot! And as always if you find any bugs or have ideas for improving the tools, please do let us know on Food4Rhino, in our Grasshopper group, or on Github.

Written by: Benjamin Howes