The CORE studio team is pleased to announce the newest release of our Grasshopper plug-in, TT Toolbox.  We’ve been busy improving our existing toolset, and have added some exciting new functionality in this release.  The Toolbox can be downloaded from our Food4Rhino page, and comments, requests, bug reports, etc. can be posted on our Grasshopper group page.

The most significant change is a re-write of the ‘Write To Excel’ components, which can stream Grasshopper data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with very low latency.  The video below demonstrates the updated writing functionality, including the ability to apply conditional formatting of the Grasshopper data in Excel.

We’d like to thank the early users of our first TT Toolbox release for their enthusiasm and feedback about the tools.  We were able to incorporate a few ideas that were suggested by these users (the ability to either clear an entire worksheet in excel before writing data, or overwrite only the destination cells – leaving the original sheet formatting intact, for example), as well as a few improvements that were requested in-house (Nick Mundell’s need to open, write, save, close existing excel files – in a loop with an animated slider – led us to developing the options to open, save and close Excel files).

Please keep the great feedback coming!