The CORE studio group is proud to announce that TTX, our new interoperability platform, is in the wild. We’ve released a series of alpha builds for our designers and engineers to use in-house, and have received great feedback from our first round of testers.

One noteworthy test featured a stadium model in Rhino, which had more than 10,000 structural members, that needed to be translated into Revit and Tekla. TTX successfully ported all data into Revit and Tekla. Translation times varied, however, due to API and general application performance (we’re looking at you here, Revit).


The TTX development team will continue to progress the platform over the coming months. We are hard at work on our first beta release, which should roll out for internal testing in late September. A major component of that release is support for SAP2000, a structural analysis package.

The video below shows how a very common – and typically linear – engineering/documentation workflow can be distributed using TTX. Whereas other translation workflows do not allow the documentation process to proceed efficiently until the engineering analysis and design is complete, TTX allows multiple users to make progress in parallel and to synchronize models at any point.