CORE studio has been developing software applications for the past 5 years.  In that time our application development team has grown from one full time developer to a team of ten.  Over the years we’ve engaged in over 35 development projects, ranging anywhere from super-hacky grasshopper components, to robust desktop plugins and add-ons, to distributed web applications.   

This talk will present a series of CORE studio’s current application development projects, each of which targets a specific need within Thornton Tomasetti or the industry at large.  These projects are vectors; each has a specific goal, uses a quantifiable kit of parts to achieve that goal, and can be completed in a measureable (if not completely predictable) amount of time.  Each vector is unique when viewed in isolation, but when viewed in aggregate, they are the constituent parts of CORE studio development efforts with much longer timescales and far fuzzier goals; we call these efforts trajectories.  

By jumping between time scales and levels of specificity, this presentation will show how CORE studio develops general purpose, long term solutions (APIs) by way of working on hyper-specific, short term projects (UXes).

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