At CORE studio, teaching of workflows is equally important as the development of new tools and processes itself. As such, we have taught many workshops, seminars and classes to our colleagues and peers since founding CORE studio in 2011.

CORE studio members Jonatan Schumacher and Matthew Naugle at Facades Plus Chicago workshop.

CORE studio members Jonatan Schumacher and Matthew Naugle at Facades Plus Chicago workshop.

We offer four to six-hour workshops tailored to our client’s needs on the following topics:

Interoperability is an integral part of our thinking at CORE studio. We have vast expertise in this topic, having developed our firm-wide interoperability platform TTX, and having provided a number of classes at institutions including Stevens Institute of Technology, Columbia GSAPP and the New York City College of Technology. We are offering workshops that cover the fundamental principles of interoperability, and then concentrate on interoperability between programs including Grasshopper and Revit, as well as others. We largely rely on freely-available solutions when teaching these workshops.

Parametric environmental design
To realize high-performance buildings, sustainable design strategies must be identified and accounted for in the early design. We work closely with our Building Sustainability staff and with the software developers who create analysis packages to find ever better ways to analyze and adjust designs, simulate environmental conditions and prioritize solutions. Having developed a number of sustainability analysis plugins for both Grasshopper and Dynamo, we can tailor our training session to your needs.

Introduction to Dynamo
Dynamo is a recently developed plugin for Revit that provides a visual programming interface for that most vaunted of BIM software. With the huge amounts of data that are currently being generated inside of our Revit BIM models, access to read and write this data remains difficult to those without traditional programming skills. Dynamo gives people this access, allowing users to generate Revit geometry/ families and their associated BIM data parametrically, incorporate environmental analysis results from Project Vasari into design workflow’s in real time, and extract and modify many of Revit’s native data points and parameters with ease (and much more besides!).

Grasshopper introductory and advanced courses on data-driven design
Grasshopper provides a means for rapidly exploring design iterations while providing real time feedback that can help shape the state of your project during all phases of design.  With custom tailored content to your most immediate goals we can help you get up and running or fine tune your existing skills.  We are always looking to embed intelligence in modeling workflows and regularly teach workshops utilizing freely-available toolsets for: Form finding, rationalization, analysis, and interoperability alongside a series of introductory workshops.

Grasshopper & Dynamo custom plugin development in Python or C#
Many good introductory programming courses exist on site such as,, and others. But, in order to develop custom plugins for Grasshopper and Dynamo, one also needs to know the respective API’s, as well as preferred user interaction. We have developed toolkits for both Dynamo and Grasshopper, and have experience teaching software development to architects and engineers for many years. Please let us know if you are curious about learning to develop your first custom plugins for these programs using Python or C#.

Physical computing with Arduinos
Connecting the digital world to our built environment can be an exciting way to develop new ideas and better understand our surroundings.  With the advent of inexpensive programmable devices like the Arduino this is easier than ever.  In this course we will show examples of how to set up basic sensors that measure light, temperature, and humidity, gather data, connect them to the web, and upload it to a cloud service.  We will also explore making physical sliders and controls that can connect into parametric software like Grasshopper.   Lastly, we can create a physical object that responds to data and control various types of motors or lighting.  Let us know if you are interested and we can custom tailor a class to your needs. Also, check out the interactive sculpture we recently installed in our San Francisco office.

AIA Seminar: Data-Driven Design & Engineering
CORE studio is pleased to offer an AIA accredited seminar on the topics of collaborative BIM and data-driven design methodologies. Learn more about this seminar’s agenda and learning objectives here.

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